Store Updates

3/1/2020 - We have a small supply of seeds from our original 2018-2019 supplier, as requested by several of our customers. We recommend placing a small sample order to verify the quality before placing a large order. Our customer service email is currently unavailable. 

12/3/2019 - We are running low on inventory due to high demand. Our supplier is currently out of stock until January. We expect to run out of inventory around mid December. 

12/2/2019 - Possible 1-2 day shipment delay due to snowstorm (depending on road conditions)

11/24/2019 - We will be closed for Thanksgiving from Tuesday 11/25/2019 to Monday 12/2/2019

10/23/2019 - As of midnight 10/23/2019 we are fully in stock of our English Poppy Seeds. We receive new inventory bi-weekly.

10/1/2019 - We are back in stock of our English Poppy Seeds. Demand is higher than anticipated, and we are experiencing heavy website traffic and email volume. Shipments may be slightly delayed. We will be receiving new inventory bi-weekly.

9/22/2019 - We will be back in stock 9/24/2019. We will be re-opening 9/24/2019 Shipments may be slightly delayed.

 7/17/2018 - We are currently out of stock of our English Poppy Seeds. Demand is very high for this product, and we are working to obtain new supply as soon as possible. We will post information if/when we obtain more supply on this page, and on the header of our home page. Customer service may be unable to respond to messages until we are back in stock and able to re-open fully.

3/16/2019 - We will begin moving back into our main office on Wednesday 3/20/2019, and we should be re-opened by Friday 3/22/2019. We plan on re-opening by 3/22/2019 unless we receive another unexpected blizzard. 

3/12/2019 - Due to additional extreme weather conditions in addition to the previous damage sustained to our main office, we have decided to temporarily close until the repairs are finished on our main office, and the snow level decreases. We should be back into our main office by 3/22/2019. We received 3 feet of snow in two days, which has made it very difficult for us to operate. We've also been unable to receive our inventory freight deliveries lately. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.


*Photo taken outside of our temporary office by Darren S.


2/4/2019 - We will be undergoing routine site maintenance and updates on February 6th-11th. Our site will be unavailable during this period. We will re-open and begin selling again 2/12/2019.

2/1/2019 - Our main office building sustained damage from a fallen tree caused by a wind storm last month. Some of our computing equipment was damaged, but our website is still fully operational, and we are still open for business. We are currently working out of a temporary rented office space until our roof is repaired.

Please note that orders may ship 1-2 days later than usual. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please be sure to use our new contact email address: contact@poppyseeds.email